Nexus Venture Partners Veteran Investor to Launch New Fund

Nexus Ventures
Preeti Bali / 12:49 pm / March 22, 2024

Sameer Brij Verma, a highly respected Managing Director at Nexus Venture Partners, is nearing the end of his successful 13-year run with the firm. According to a well-placed source, Verma is preparing to launch his own investment fund, embarking on a new chapter in his career.

Multi-Faceted Fund Focuses on Growth and Public Offerings

The upcoming venture, as revealed by anonymous sources, will be a diversified fund encompassing both established companies (public markets) and early-stage investments. Verma, known for his exceptional investment skills and strategic vision, will stay with Nexus for a short period to ensure a smooth transition, expected to be completed by August or September.

Nexus Venture Partners declined to comment on the development, maintaining confidentiality around Verma’s upcoming move. However, details gleaned from the report suggest Verma’s entrepreneurial venture is driven by ambitious goals.

Targeting Unicorn Status for Backed Startups

The sizable fund, estimated to be in the range of $150-$200 million, aims to empower startups across various sectors, with a clear focus on guiding them towards Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) within the next five to six years. Notably, Verma envisions nurturing startups to valuations between $500-$600 million, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to fostering innovation and long-term growth within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Experienced Team to Support Budding Ventures

Taking on the role of a sole managing partner, Verma will be backed by a team of approximately twelve seasoned professionals, poised to offer strategic guidance and operational support to young startups. The fund plans to offer initial investments ranging from $4-$5 million, with the possibility of providing additional funding of up to $10-$12 million for scaling companies.

Verma Reflects on Successful Tenure and Future Plans

In a statement on his LinkedIn profile, Verma expressed his appreciation for the numerous opportunities to collaborate with visionary entrepreneurs and contribute to their success stories. “I am incredibly proud of the journey we’ve shared at Nexus Venture Partners, and I’m excited to begin a new chapter in my entrepreneurial adventure,” stated Verma.

Verma’s Legacy at Nexus Venture Partners

Verma’s time at Nexus Venture Partners has been marked by significant achievements, including leading investments in prominent unicorns like Zomato, Pristyn Care, Unacademy, and Paytm. Additionally, his role as a founding investor in Ultrahuman, a leading health-focused smart wearables company, underscores his unwavering commitment to driving innovation across diverse sectors.

Nexus Venture Partners: A Leader in Nurturing Innovation

Founded in 2006, Nexus Venture Partners has become a prominent player in the venture capital landscape, recognized for its unwavering commitment to fostering technological innovation and supporting transformative startups. With a strategic focus on early to growth-stage companies, Nexus has established itself across various sectors, including consumer internet, enterprise software, healthcare, and fintech.

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