Agilitas Sports Secures Long-Term License for Italian Sportswear Brand Lotto

Preeti Bali / 2:03 pm / April 22, 2024

Agilitas Sports, a leading innovator in athletic apparel and footwear, has announced a significant partnership with WHP Global, acquiring the brand license for the renowned Italian sportswear brand, Lotto. This strategic move grants Agilitas exclusive rights to design, manufacture, promote, and distribute Lotto products across India, Australia, and soon, South Africa.

Commitment to Growth: State-of-the-Art Manufacturing and Design

“This long-term licensing agreement, spanning 40 years, empowers us to build a robust future for the Lotto brand,” stated Abhishek Ganguly, Co-Founder and CEO of Agilitas Sports. “We are committed to implementing cutting-edge technology and design innovation across the entire product development cycle, from manufacturing to retail distribution.”

Dedicated Management Team to Drive Brand Expansion

Agilitas emphasizes its dedication to the Lotto brand’s growth. The company plans to invest in a dedicated management team, focusing on product creation, design leadership, supply chain optimization, and a robust marketing and distribution strategy. This comprehensive approach aims to solidify Lotto’s position in these key markets.

Multi-Category Launch Planned for Early 2025

Consumers can expect a diverse offering from Lotto in the near future. Agilitas plans to launch a multi-category product line encompassing footwear, apparel, accessories, and even sports equipment by early 2025.

Strategic Acquisition Positions Agilitas for Indian Manufacturing

Agilitas’ commitment to Indian manufacturing is further bolstered by their previous acquisition of Mochiko, a prominent sports footwear manufacturer, in September 2023. Mochiko’s dedication to establishing a dedicated factory in Noida specifically for Lotto production aligns perfectly with Agilitas’ vision.

Experienced Leadership Drives Innovation

Founded by industry veteran Abhishek Ganguly, alongside colleagues Atul Bajaj and Amit Prabhu, Agilitas Sports boasts a strong leadership team. The company has already secured significant investment, exceeding $60 million across two funding rounds led by Convergent Finance LLP and Nexus Venture Partners. Additionally, Richard Zartman’s recent appointment as Vice President of Footwear Design further strengthens Agilitas’ commitment to product innovation. As part of the founding team, Zartman will play a pivotal role in leading the design strategy for Agilitas’ portfolio of athletic sportswear brands.


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