Prime Minister Modi’s Extensive Campaign Efforts Compared to Rahul Gandhi’s Limited Engagements

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Preeti Bali / 9:10 am / May 20, 2024

By the conclusion of May 20, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will have completed 165 public rallies and roadshows this election season, with plans to approach 200 campaign events by May 30. In stark contrast, Rahul Gandhi, the face of the Opposition, has participated in approximately 60 public rallies to date, significantly fewer than Modi.


Intensity of Campaign Activities

Prime Minister Modi has been holding two to three events daily, and on some occasions, four to five campaign events. Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi has typically limited himself to one or two events on the days he campaigned. 


Contributions from BJP Leaders

Bolstering the BJP’s campaign, Home Minister Amit Shah has conducted over 100 campaign events, while Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has completed 150 election campaign events by Sunday. BJP leaders assert that any rally or roadshow led by the Prime Minister significantly boosts the party’s chances in both strong and challenging constituencies.


“There is an enormous interest for PM rallies from every one of our competitors. The point is to make most extreme progress, and the PM has committed the greatest time in these Lok Sabha decisions,” a senior BJP pioneer told News18. Joined with the BJP’s computerized presence, Modi’s conventions and roadshows affect the electorate. Contrasted with 2019, Modi has directed more roadshows, a procedure that has created more prominent public commitment and broadened crusade exercises into the night.


Media Engagements and Digital Strategy

The Prime Minister has also conducted close to 50 media interviews this election season, whereas Rahul Gandhi has given only one, to Network 18.


A senior Congress leader pointed out the “huge difference” in financial resources between the two parties, arguing that the Congress was not in direct competition in this regard, partly due to financial scrutiny by Income Tax authorities. 


“This is truly the first digital election, with the most effective campaign occurring over social media channels. One can see the absence of physical posters and hoardings this time. The Congress is stepping up its game on social media and gaining significant traction there…Rahul Gandhi has undertaken two major Yatras across the country,” the leader explained. 


The Congress has innovated with impromptu video messages from Rahul Gandhi to connect with young voters. Priyanka Gandhi has focused her efforts mainly on Amethi and Rahul Gandhi in the past fortnight, while Mallikarjun Kharge has conducted some rallies and press conferences. However, these efforts do not compare to the extensive campaign led by Narendra Modi and Amit Shah.


Questions on Rahul Gandhi’s Campaign Seriousness

A senior BJP leader questioned Rahul Gandhi’s credibility as a serious contender to Modi, given that his campaign efforts are only a third of Modi’s, despite being two decades younger. A serious challenger to a two-term incumbent would aim to surpass the Prime Minister in campaign activities, but the intensity appears lacking, the BJP leader noted.


In contrast, Prime Minister Modi has intensified his campaign efforts, conducting four rallies on Sunday and planning four rallies and a roadshow on Monday, spanning three different states. 


The disparity in campaign efforts raises the question: will this gap be reflected in the election results as well?


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