E-commerce AI Startup Helium Secures Pre-Seed Funding

Preeti Bali / 7:30 am / July 10, 2024

Helium, an artificial intelligence (AI) platform designed to personalize the e-commerce experience, has secured a pre-seed funding round of Rs 4.52 crore (approximately $550,000). Merak Ventures led the investment round, with participation from angel investor Alok Mittal.

The funding will be used to fuel Helium’s growth by building a strong team and further developing its AI-powered product offerings. Co-founded by Shray Arora, Sidharth Sahni, and Deepak Kapoor, Helium collaborates with leading fashion and consumer technology brands to create intelligent product landing pages and curate product collections.

Unlocking the Power of AI for Personalized E-commerce

Helium’s AI engine analyzes anonymized visitor interactions, allowing it to understand the context behind each product and user interface element. This empowers Helium to personalize the content, product recommendations, and overall user journey for each visitor, emulating the way Spotify tailors music recommendations based on individual preferences. This results in a more engaging experience for customers, fostering stronger brand loyalty and ultimately driving higher conversion rates for e-commerce businesses.

Helium Sets Sights on Global E-commerce Market

Helium has ambitious plans to expand its reach beyond its current client base and collaborate with top e-commerce brands worldwide. The company has a particular focus on capturing a significant share of the North American e-commerce market. With its innovative AI technology and focus on personalization, Helium is poised to revolutionize the way e-commerce businesses interact with their customers.


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