Cornext Secures Funding to Boost Silage Production and Technology

Preeti Bali / 9:29 am / May 8, 2024

Cornext, a company dedicated to building a robust ecosystem for dairy cattle farmers through innovative fodder solutions, has secured $2.2 million in a seed funding round. This investment, led by Omnivore, will empower Cornext to accelerate its growth trajectory.

Funds Fueling Expansion and Innovation

Cornext plans to strategically utilize the raised funds to achieve two primary objectives. Firstly, the company aims to significantly increase its annual silage production, targeting a milestone of 1 million metric tons by 2026. Secondly, Cornext will invest heavily in research and development (R&D) to further refine its silage baling technology.

Compact Bales, Big Impact

Founded in 2015 by Madhav Kshatriya and Feroz Ahmed, Cornext has developed a unique technology for creating compact 50-kilogram silage bales. These bales are then distributed to dairy farmers through a well-established network of village-level fodder entrepreneurs. This approach ensures accessibility and convenience for farmers.

Spreading Innovation Across Borders

Cornext’s dedication extends beyond the Indian market. The company has successfully launched its network of 400 fodder entrepreneurs across various regions within India. Additionally, Cornext has taken a significant step towards global expansion by initiating the export of its efficient silage baling machines to countries across Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Recognition and Accolades

Headquartered in Hyderabad, Cornext holds a distinguished position as a member of the National Advisory Council of India’s Department of Animal Husbandry. This recognition highlights Cornext’s valuable contributions to the agricultural sector. Furthermore, the company’s commitment to excellence was acknowledged in 2020 when it received the national best startup award in agriculture-allied sectors from the government of India.

Trusted Partner for Leading Dairies

Cornext has established itself as a trusted partner for prominent players in the dairy industry. Its impressive list of institutional clientele includes renowned names like AMUL, SUMUL, BANAS, MILMA, and KMF, along with many other large dairies and cooperatives.


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