Modi Criticizes Opposition’s Desperation Amid Election Losses

Preeti Bali / 7:45 am / May 28, 2024

Prime Minister Narendra Modi remarked on Tuesday that the opposition’s frustration from repeated electoral defeats has led to a habit of using abusive language. In a conversation with ANI, PM Modi reflected on enduring continuous insults for 24 years, asserting that he has become resilient to such abuse.


Modi Reflects on Years of Abuse

Investigating defaming terms like ‘maut ka saudaagar,’ first used by then Congress president Sonia Gandhi before the 2007 Gujarat Get together choices, PM Modi referred to that the obstruction has been dependably abusive towards him.”Straightforwardly following being introduced to assaults for the beyond 24 years, I have become impenetrable to them. Who called me ‘maut ka saudaagar’ and ‘gandi naali ka keeda’?” he portrayed during the social occasion.


Opposition’s Frustration and Abuse

According to Modi, a party member in Parliament calculated that he has been subjected to 101 different abuses. He suggested that the opposition’s inclination to hurl insults stems from their frustration and sense of entitlement. “These people believe that only they have the right to abuse, whether there is an election or not. Manhandling has turned into their temperament,” he added.


Allegations Against Federal Agencies

Tending to the resistance’s cases that the Implementation Directorate (ED), Focal Department of Examination (CBI), and other government organizations are being abused to target BJP rivals, PM Modi provoked the informers to give proof.”Ask the singular making these cases for confirmation. I will change this waste into fecal matter and make something valuable for the country from it,” he communicated.


Modi Defends Anti-Corruption Measures

PM Modi highlighted the government’s achievements in combating corruption, contrasting the current administration’s record with the previous government. “When Manmohan Singh was in power for 10 years, Rs 34 lakh were seized. In the last 10 years, the ED has seized Rs 2,200 crore. Those responsible for recovering this money should be respected, not abused. Those who have lost their illicit wealth are the ones hurling insults. It indicates that those involved in corruption will protest when caught,” he explained. He emphasized the government’s zero-tolerance policy towards corruption and noted that a village head can sign cheques, but the Prime Minister cannot.


Opposition Lacks a Developmental Roadmap

During his campaigns for the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, PM Modi asserted at various rallies that the opposition resorts to abusing him because they are aware of their impending defeat and lack a clear plan for the nation’s progress. He accused the INDIA bloc leaders of safeguarding corrupt individuals and obstructing the country’s development. 


Dedication to National Service

At a rally in Bhopal, PM Modi claimed that the opposition’s real aim is to hinder the country’s development, not just to oppose him. “The INDIA alliance seeks to halt the nation’s progress, which is why they resort to abuse and threats. I have dedicated myself fully to the mission of serving the country. For me, Bharat is my family. Those who are in politics for personal gain should refrain from abusing me,” he declared.


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