BluSmart Charge App Launched: A Game Changer for EV Charging in India

Preeti Bali / 9:10 am / May 28, 2024

BluSmart, a leading electric mobility provider, has unveiled the “BluSmart Charge” app, marking a significant step towards a more accessible and convenient EV charging experience in India. Available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, the app caters to both individual EV owners and fleet operators in Delhi-NCR and Bengaluru.

Seamless Charging Experience for All

The BluSmart Charge App boasts a range of features designed to streamline the EV charging process. “Enhanced Charger Discovery” empowers users to locate compatible charging stations effortlessly, with real-time updates on availability and functionality. This ensures users can always find a charging point when needed.

Unified App Experience for Ease of Use

The app goes beyond individual needs. The “Unified App Experience” offers a consistent and user-friendly interface for both fleet operators and individual users. This approach simplifies managing charging operations for all parties involved.

Hassle-Free Payments and Improved Station Efficiency

BluSmart Charge integrates a “Seamless Payment System” for secure and swift transactions, minimizing time spent at charging stations. Additionally, the “Digitized Entry and Exit” feature enhances safety and optimizes station efficiency by managing vehicle flow.

Fleet Management Made Easy

For fleet operators, the app offers a centralized “Fleet Management System.” This system provides a comprehensive dashboard to track charging sessions, monitor payments, and manage EV usage. This centralized oversight allows for better planning and scheduling of fleet operations.

Expanding Charging Infrastructure to Meet Demand

Coinciding with the app launch, BluSmart has significantly expanded its charging infrastructure network. The company has opened its 50th EV charging hub, adding to its existing network that spans over 1.8 million square feet. These strategically located hubs, situated near malls, corporate parks, and metro stations, feature over 5,000 fast and slow charging stations powered by green energy sources. This expansion aims to minimize queuing times and maximize station capacity utilization.

BluSmart: A Leader in EV Charging Solutions

Tushar Garg, Prime supporter and Chief of BluSmart Charge, communicated confidence about the application’s effect: “We accept the ‘BluSmart Charge’ Application will be a distinct advantage in the EV business, offering a consistent and bother free charging experience to all EV clients.”

Driving the EV Revolution in India

The BluSmart Charge App and infrastructure expansion represent a significant step forward for India’s EV community. By providing reliable and accessible charging solutions, BluSmart aims to accelerate the transition towards electric mobility. Their extensive network addresses a critical challenge in EV adoption, making it easier for people to switch to electric vehicles.

Building a Sustainable Future

Anmol Singh Jaggi, Prime supporter of BluSmart, featured the organization’s responsibility: “BluSmart is driving the charge in growing India’s impression of EV armada and charging framework organization. This is a gigantic step in the right direction in our guarantee to fabricate long haul answers for empowering eMobility in Indian uber urban communities.”

BluSmart’s Impact on Sustainability

Since its inception in 2019, BluSmart has played a pivotal role in India’s EV sector. With the largest EV fleet in South Asia (over 7,500 vehicles), BluSmart has facilitated more than 14.9 million emission-free trips, covering over 492 million electric kilometers. These efforts have contributed significantly to a greener future, preventing an estimated 35.7 million kilograms of CO2 emissions. Additionally, BluSmart has achieved impressive growth, surpassing a Rs 500 crore annual run rate in FY24, and demonstrating a strong commitment to sustainable transportation solutions.


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