Rocksport Secures Investment to Fuel Growth in Adventure-Based Programs

Pic Credit : Rocksport
Preeti Bali / 11:03 am / April 4, 2024

Rocksport, a leading provider of in-school adventure programs, has announced the successful closing of its Series A funding round. The company secured a significant investment from Brand Capital, the strategic investment arm of The Times of India. This latest round brings Rocksport’s total funding close to $3 million, propelling its valuation to an impressive $30 million.

Boosting Brand Awareness and Market Domination

The newly acquired funds will be strategically allocated to fuel advertising and brand-building initiatives. Through these efforts, Rocksport aims to raise consumer awareness and effectively introduce its unique adventure programs to a wider audience. Importantly, the investment also unlocks access to Brand Capital’s extensive expertise in brand building and marketing. This collaboration will provide Rocksport with a significant advantage in reaching its target market.

Building on Strategic Partnerships

This investment round follows Rocksport’s earlier strategic partnership with Mahindra Holidays & Resorts. The collaboration focused on expanding Rocksport’s reach beyond major cities and establishing a robust pan-India footprint. Since then, Rocksport has diversified its offerings to cater to families and corporate clients, creating engaging adventure programs for weekend getaways and corporate retreats.

A Leader in Adventure-Based Experiences

Currently, Rocksport’s innovative and well-designed soft adventure programs are integrated into the curriculum of over 1,000 prestigious schools across India. With this latest round of funding, Rocksport is positioned to solidify its dominance in the adventure-based experience market, catering not only to schools but also to families and corporations seeking exciting experiences for trips and weekend escapes.

Beyond In-School Programs: A Gateway to Global Brands

It’s noteworthy that Rocksport also holds the distinction of being the official importer and distributor for eight prominent global adventure and outdoor brands in India. This impressive portfolio includes marquee names like Coleman, CampinGaz, Contiigo, Edelrid, and Lifestraw. By offering these leading brands alongside its in-school programs and experiential offerings, Rocksport establishes itself as a comprehensive resource for adventure seekers of all ages.

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