Rahul Gandhi Claims Priyanka Gandhi Would Have Defeated Modi in Varanasi

Priyanka Gandhi
Preeti Bali / 6:10 am / June 12, 2024

Congress pioneer Rahul Gandhi declared on Tuesday that assuming that his sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra had challenged the Lok Sabha races from Varanasi, State head Narendra Modi would have been crushed by an edge of a few lakh votes.

Unity Among Opposition in Election Fight

Speaking at a thanksgiving event in Raebareli, Gandhi mentioned that the parties within the INDIA coalition worked together in Raebareli, Amethi, and other regions across the country. Their united efforts aimed to diminish the influence of the BJP-led NDA in the Parliament.


Commitment to Serving the People

Gandhi emphasized that neither he nor his fellow party members would succumb to arrogance following the election results. Instead, they pledged to continue working for the welfare of the general public.


Criticism of Modi’s Priorities

The Congress leader criticized Prime Minister Modi for favoring prominent industrialists and celebrities during the Ram temple consecration ceremony, rather than focusing on the needs of ordinary people. He claimed that this neglect led to the BJP’s defeat in Ayodhya, as the public responded by voting against them.


Priyanka Gandhi’s Gratitude

In a brief address, Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi expressed her gratitude to the people of Amethi and Raebareli for securing the party’s victory in these constituencies.


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