share Secures Funding Led by B Capital to Revolutionize Diabetes Management in India

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Preeti Bali / 10:18 am / March 14, 2024, a pioneering health-tech startup, announced a successful funding round led by B Capital on Wednesday. This investment builds upon previous support from MassMutual Ventures and existing investors including Tanglin Venture Partners, Endiya Partners, and

The newly secured funds will be strategically deployed to fuel’s growth trajectory across several key areas. The company plans to expand its technology infrastructure (tech stack) and develop a wider range of products to better serve user needs. Additionally, resources will be dedicated to enhancing brand awareness and accelerating research and development initiatives focused on advancing diabetes management solutions.

Building on Trust and Innovation

“We are incredibly grateful for B Capital’s partnership and the continued trust and support from our existing investors,” expressed Madan Somasundaram, Co-Founder and CEO of Somasundaram emphasized the evolving landscape of consumer health habits, highlighting the critical need for technology-driven approaches to achieve sustainable health outcomes. “ has established a unique platform that caters to this demand,” he stated, “as we strive to become the leading comprehensive solution for all diabetes-related needs in India.”

Somasundaram further elaborated on’s vision. “By harnessing the power of advanced technology and a robust on-ground support network, we aim to empower millions of individuals in the coming years.”

Addressing a Growing Diabetes Epidemic

Founded in late 2021, stands at the forefront of health-tech innovation. The company offers a data-driven, consumer-centric digital health platform specifically designed to manage and potentially reverse diabetes.

With a staggering number of individuals in India – approximately 230 million – grappling with Type 2 diabetes and prediabetes, the need for effective interventions and advanced management solutions has become increasingly urgent. Diabetes is a major contributor to life-threatening health complications, making’s mission all the more critical.

Personalized Care Through Advanced Technology provides a comprehensive diabetes care program that combines the power of cutting-edge technology with personalized human interventions. Leading diabetes doctors and nutritionists leverage sophisticated tools like continuous glucose monitors (CGMs), fitness trackers, and health diagnostics to monitor users’ blood sugar levels in real-time, allowing them to observe the immediate impact of lifestyle choices on their health. Based on this data, the team offers personalized advice on nutrition, fitness, and sleep, promoting a holistic approach to diabetes management.

This comprehensive approach has yielded positive results for users. An impressive 90% of users have reported a reduction in blood sugar levels and a decreased reliance on medication. Beyond its digital platform, has established an omnichannel presence, starting in Bangalore. The company currently operates seven state-of-the-art Diabetes Clinics staffed by leading diabetes specialists. These clinics not only enhance brand visibility but also offer a variety of innovative wellness therapies, including stress management programs, live fitness and yoga sessions, and VR Chromotherapy.

Over the past 18 months, has witnessed significant growth, boasting over 30,000 paid subscribers actively utilizing its platform.

Shared Vision for a Healthier Future

Karan Mohla, General Partner at B Capital, commented on the investment, acknowledging the challenges India faces in managing its dual burden of chronic diseases, with diabetes being a primary concern. Despite significant investments in healthcare, Mohla noted the ongoing struggle with access, affordability, and quality, often referred to as the “Iron Triangle.”

“Under the leadership of Madan and Shivtosh,” Mohla continued, “ is dedicated to promoting sustainable healthcare outcomes through a comprehensive, multi-channel distribution approach. The company’s impressive growth metrics speak for themselves. We are genuinely excited about’s journey and its ambitious vision to become India’s premier platform for integrated chronic healthcare solutions.”

B Capital’s investment further reinforces its position as a leading global investor in the healthcare sector, underscoring its commitment to supporting innovative technology-driven healthcare solutions worldwide. Founded in 2015, B Capital is a multi-stage global investment firm with a team spanning nine locations across the United States and Asia. The firm manages over $6 billion in assets across multiple funds and focuses on seed to late-stage venture growth investments, primarily in technology, healthcare, and climate tech sectors.

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