Vijay Arisetty Named CEO of Aurm, an Asset Protection Firm

Vijay Arisetty of Aurm
Preeti Bali / 6:48 am / June 12, 2024

Aurm, a company specializing in safe-deposit locker services, has announced the appointment of Vijay Arisetty as its founder and chief executive officer (CEO). Arisetty is well-known for creating the community management app MyGate.


Extensive Experience in Security and the Armed Forces

Arisetty brings extensive experience from his time in the armed forces and his knowledge in residential security. He was instrumental in establishing Aurm, which collaborates with banks and real estate developers to offer secure deposit lockers to clients.


Innovative Safe-Deposit Solutions

Based in Bengaluru, Aurm provides a distinctive solution for secure storage, emphasizing easy access, advanced security features, privacy, and insurance coverage of up to Rs 25 lakh. 


Addressing a Critical Need

Arisetty highlighted a significant issue: “I realized that 90% of affluent urban Indians lack access to a secure locker. Moreover, the current infrastructure requires an upgrade to combat new theft and robbery techniques.”


Leadership and Team

In addition to Arisetty, Aurm was co-founded by Ganesh Balakrishnan, Suraj HS, and Pratap Chandana. Earlier this year, Arisetty transitioned from his role as CEO at MyGate to become the chairman of the board. Consequently, MyGate, backed by Tiger Global, promoted co-founder Abhishek Kumar to the CEO position.


Arisetty’s Entrepreneurial Ventures

Apart from his contributions to MyGate, Arisetty has founded two other startups: Pyngcabs and Kitchens Food.


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