Prime Minister Modi Lauds Calcutta High Court’s Decision on OBC Certificates

Narendra Modi in a Public Meeting
Preeti Bali / 6:34 am / May 23, 2024

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday commended the Calcutta High Court’s ruling to invalidate OBC certificates issued in West Bengal post-2010, describing it as a significant rebuke to the INDIA alliance. He criticized the Trinamool Congress (TMC) for distributing these certificates to Muslims as part of a “vote bank politics” strategy.

“This decision was necessary because the West Bengal government irrationally provided OBC certificates to Muslims solely for garnering votes. Such vote bank politics and appeasement strategies have reached unacceptable levels,” Modi asserted.

He added, “They claim Muslims have the foremost right to the nation’s resources. These individuals are continuously allocating government land to the Waqf Board in exchange for votes. They propose reserving 15% of the national budget for minorities and granting loans and government tenders based on religion. They also oppose the CAA to satisfy their vote bank.”


Mamata Banerjee Vows to Protect OBC Reservations

Responding to the High Court’s decision, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee declared that her administration would not permit the reduction of OBC reservations for minorities.

“Today, I heard a notable judge issue an order. The Prime Minister suggests minorities will encroach on Tapasheeli reservations, but this is impossible. Minorities cannot infringe upon Tapasheeli or tribal reservations. These deceptive people (BJP) manipulate agencies to get such orders, but I will not accept this. Those who issued the order can keep it; we reject the BJP’s viewpoint. OBC reservations will remain intact,” Banerjee affirmed.


Amit Shah Criticizes TMC’s OBC Reservation Policy

Union Home Minister Amit Shah shed light on the controversy, accusing Mamata Banerjee of allocating OBC reservations to “118 Muslim castes without any survey.”

“A complaint was filed, and the court acknowledged it, leading to the cancellation of all OBC certificates issued from 2010 to 2024. Mamata Banerjee aims to deprive backward classes of their reservations to benefit Muslim castes,” Shah stated.

Reacting to Banerjee’s comments, Shah questioned, “Can Bengal afford a Chief Minister who openly defies court orders? I condemn this behavior and support the High Court’s decision. We will ensure the court’s ruling is implemented.”


Calcutta High Court’s Landmark Ruling

On Wednesday, the Calcutta High Court invalidated several classifications under the 2012 Act concerning reservation of vacancies in services and posts in West Bengal, ruling them illegal.

The court nullified several OBC classifications listed under The West Bengal Backward Classes (Other than Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes) (Reservation of Vacancies in Services and Posts) Act, 2012.

As per the ruling, OBC certificates issued by the state government can no longer be used for job applications or benefits. Approximately 500,000 OBC certificates have been annulled as a result of this order.

The bench declared that the classifications of 42 classes made by the state from March 5, 2010, to May 11, 2012, were illegal and thus invalidated, with a forward-looking effect.


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