New Campaign Slogan in Bengal: ‘Modi Is In the Heart of Bengalis’

Modi in Bengal
Preeti Bali / 7:30 am / May 29, 2024

The BJP has introduced a fresh campaign slogan for Bengal, prominently displayed during a vibrant roadshow led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi from Kolkata’s Shyambazar Five Point Crossing. The slogan, ‘Bangalir Mone Modi,’ translates to ‘Modi Is In the Heart of Bengalis.’


Building Emotional Connections

This slogan represents the BJP’s effort to forge an emotional connection between Prime Minister Modi and the people of Bengal, countering the Trinamool Congress’s portrayal of the BJP and Modi as outsiders. During the 2021 Assembly elections, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee frequently labeled the BJP as a “bahari (outsider) party,” while promoting herself with the slogan ‘Bangla Nijer Meyeke Chae’ (Bengal Wants Its Own Daughter).


Embracing Bengali Culture

In response to the TMC narrative, the BJP has infused Modi’s campaign with Bengali sentiments and cultural symbols for the Lok Sabha elections. Prime Minister Modi incorporated more Bengali phrases into his speeches, which the party believes resonated with the public.


Support from Bengal’s People

BJP state president Sukanto Majumdar told News18, “This time, Modi ji held numerous public meetings in Bengal, and we observed a significant number of Bengalis welcoming him enthusiastically. We recognized that Modi ji has secured a place in the hearts of Bengalis. This realization led to the creation of the slogan, which has already become very popular.”


Emphasis on ‘Bangaliana’

Political analysts note a stronger emphasis on ‘Bangaliana’ (Bengali culture) in the BJP’s current campaign. The new slogan is a central element of this strategy, especially as the party gears up for the seventh and final phase of Lok Sabha elections in Kolkata, South 24 Parganas, and North 24 Parganas, areas deeply associated with Bengali culture.


Modi’s Roadshow in Kolkata

On Tuesday, the Prime Minister’s roadshow supported BJP candidate Tapas Roy, starting from Shyambazar Five Point Crossing and ending at Simla Street, near the ancestral home of Swami Vivekananda. Modi stood atop a flower-adorned vehicle, draped in saffron and featuring images of the PM and the BJP’s lotus symbol. As the procession moved through Kolkata’s bustling streets, Modi waved to the crowd gathered on both sides. Women supporters in saffron saris also joined the colorful event.


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