Gruner Renewable Energy to Build Asia’s Largest Biogas Plant in Gujarat

Utkarsh Gupta, Founder & CEO, Gruner Renewable Energy
Preeti Bali / 6:38 am / June 18, 2024

Gruner Renewable Energy has unveiled plans for a groundbreaking compressed biogas (CBG) plant in Navsari, Gujarat. This ambitious project, estimated to cost ₹220 crore, will target a daily production of 44 tonnes of biogas using sustainable and cost-effective materials like paddy straw, pressmud, sugarcane waste, and municipal solid waste. The annual production capacity is expected to surpass an impressive 16,000 tonnes of biogas.

A Collaborative Effort for Clean Energy

This large-scale project is a joint venture between Gruner Renewable Energy and a prominent business conglomerate. Upon completion, it is set to become the biggest CBG plant in all of Asia.

“Gruner Renewable Energy, partnering with a leading business conglomerate, is poised to establish Asia’s largest compressed biogas plant in Navsari, Gujarat,” the company announced in a statement, highlighting the project’s significant investment of ₹220 crore.

Strategic Move for India’s Energy Independence

Utkarsh Gupta, the Pioneer and Chief of Gruner Sustainable power, stressed the plant’s critical job in India’s change to clean energy sources. “As India endeavors to diminish its reliance on petroleum derivatives, the foundation of offices like the one in Navsari will assume an essential part in accomplishing our objectives of advancing feasible energy arrangements,” he expressed.

The CBG plant is supposed to decidedly affect India’s energy imports. Gupta further expounded, “The advancement of CBG plants will altogether diminish the nation’s import bill for unrefined petroleum.”


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