Subko Brews Up $10 Million Investment from Gauri Khan & others

Subko Coffee Roasters Raises 10 Mn Series B Funding
Preeti Bali / 8:09 am / March 27, 2024

Subko, a rapidly rising Indian specialty coffee roaster and bakery, has secured $10 million in fresh funding. This investment will fuel the company’s ambitious plans for growth and international expansion.

Funding Fuels Strategic Initiatives

  • Talent Acquisition: Subko plans to utilize some of the funding to attract top talent and bolster its workforce.

  • Tech-Driven Customer Experience: The company aims to invest in technology that elevates the customer experience across all touchpoints.

  • Product Innovation: Research and development efforts in product design will be fortified, leading to exciting new offerings for coffee and chocolate lovers.

  • Sustainable Sourcing: The funding will facilitate the scaling of Subko’s farm-level infrastructure, ensuring a robust supply chain of high-quality green coffee beans and fine cacao beans.

  • Ready-to-Drink Innovation: Development of new ready-to-drink coffee products is also on the horizon.

Flagship Cafe Expansion

Beyond product development, Subko is exploring the launch of flagship experience cafes in multiple formats. These cafes will be strategically rolled out in select cities within India and potentially across the globe.

Investor Confidence

The funding round was spearheaded by prominent entrepreneur and investor Nikhil Kamath. This investment signifies his belief in Subko’s potential to become a leading global brand. Other striking financial backers partaking in the round incorporate the Blume Pioneers Asset, The Gauri Khan Family Trust, Bollywood power couple Priya and John Abraham, Sangita Jindal, Srinivas and Pallavi Dempo, and The Mehta Global Mauritius Restricted.

Building a Homegrown Legacy

Remarking on the speculation, Nikhil Kamath communicated his energy for Subko’s central goal: “It’s essential that a particular Indian brand like Subko drives the way in imparting its novel encounters to the world.” Kamath’s previous interest in Third Wave Espresso Roasters features his devotion to cultivating the development of Indian espresso brands.

Rahul Reddy, Subko’s Pioneer, Chief, and Innovative Chief, repeated Kamath’s opinions. He expressed, “Nikhil’s enthusiasm for engaging Indian brands and his sharp comprehension of purchaser showcases impeccably lines up with our vision.”


Global Aspirations

Subko aspires to become a global ambassador for South Asian coffee and chocolate. Their commitment to direct trade partnerships with coffee estates and smallholder farmers ensures exceptional quality throughout the supply chain.

Looking Ahead

Subko’s strategic use of these funds positions the company for a future filled with exciting product innovations, a captivating cafe experience, and a potential presence on a global stage. The company is poised to become a leader in the specialty coffee industry, showcasing the finest South Asian coffee and chocolate to the world.

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