Byju’s Advisors Rajnish Kumar and Mohandas Pai to Step Down

BYJU's Leadership
Preeti Bali / 8:11 am / May 21, 2024

Rajnish Kumar and Mohandas Pai, who joined Byju’s advisory council in July 2023, will be leaving their roles at the edtech company by the end of June 2024. Their departure comes as their one-year contractual agreements expire.

In a joint statement, Kumar and Pai clarified that their role was always intended as a short-term engagement. “Our involvement with Byju’s was pre-determined to be a one-year commitment,” they said. “After discussions with the founders, we’ve mutually decided not to extend our term.”

Kumar, a former chairman of the State Bank of India, and Pai, the ex-CFO and board member of Infosys, served as advisors and mentors to Byju’s board and CEO Byju Raveendran during their tenure.

Raveendran Acknowledges Advisors’ Contributions, Vows Continued Reliance on Their Expertise

Byju Raveendran, founder and CEO of Think & Learn, the parent company of Byju’s, expressed his gratitude for Kumar and Pai’s contributions. “Rajnish Kumar and Mohandas Pai have been incredibly valuable assets to Byju’s over the past year,” he said in a statement. “While ongoing legal challenges from foreign investors have caused some delays, their guidance will continue to be important as I lead the company’s reconstruction efforts.”

Leadership Changes and Business Restructuring at Byju’s

The news of Kumar and Pai’s departure follows a period of significant change for Byju’s. In September 2023, the company appointed Arjun Mohan as the new CEO for its India operations. However, Mohan’s tenure was short-lived, as he exited the company in April 2024. Currently, Byju Raveendran has assumed responsibility for the company’s day-to-day operations.

Coinciding with Mohan’s departure, Byju’s also announced a company restructuring, consolidating its operations into three core divisions: The Learning App, Online Classes and Tuition Centers, and Test Preparation.


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