Agritech Platform Ergos Reports Impressive Growth in 2024

Ergos Financials Breakdown
Preeti Bali / 7:59 am / March 11, 2024

Ergos, a leading agritech platform, has achieved significant growth in FY23 (fiscal year ending March 2023). The Bengaluru-based company successfully scaled its operations by two-thirds while demonstrating sound financial management by keeping losses under control.

Strong Performance Across Key Metrics

Ergos’ financial statements, filed with the Registrar of Companies, reveal a robust increase in gross revenue. Compared to FY22, gross revenue surged by 66%, reaching Rs 224 crore in FY23. This positive trajectory builds upon the company’s previous year-end performance, where they reported Rs 135 crore in gross revenue.

Empowering Farmers

Ergos plays a vital role in the agricultural ecosystem by providing a comprehensive suite of services for farmers. The platform allows farmers to convert their grains into tradable assets, access credit using their stored produce as collateral, and leverage technology to improve crop yields. Additionally, Ergos offers innovative harvest supply chain solutions.

Commodity Sales Drive Revenue Growth

The sale of various commodities to customers forms the cornerstone of Ergos’ revenue generation. This segment contributed a significant 96% to the company’s overall operating income. Among the commodities traded, wheat emerged as the leading revenue driver, followed by maize, paddy, and others. Warehousing management fees accounted for the remaining portion of the revenue stream. For a detailed breakdown of revenue by commodity, you can visit TheKredible.

Managing Expenses

On the expenditure side, procurement costs constituted the largest expense category, accounting for 64.8% of Ergos’ total spending. This segment witnessed a notable rise of 65%, reaching Rs 211 crore in FY23. Other operational costs encompassed employee benefits, rent, professional fees, vehicle expenses, and travel costs. The combined total expenditure for FY23 reached Rs 249 crore, up from Rs 160 crore in FY22.

Ergos’ financial performance in FY23 underscores the company’s commitment to sustainable growth. By achieving significant expansion while maintaining fiscal responsibility, Ergos positions itself as a key player in transforming the agricultural landscape in India.

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