Teenager Uses Alexa to Scare Off Monkeys, Earns Recognition

Alexa Scares Monkey
Preeti Bali / 1:27 pm / April 10, 2024

Technology proved to be a lifesaver for a young girl in Uttar Pradesh, India. Nikita, a thirteen-year-old, displayed remarkable presence of mind when a group of monkeys entered her home. With a quick response, she managed to scare away the animals, protecting herself and her younger sister.

Monkeys Create Chaos, Alexa Comes to the Rescue

In a now-viral video, Nikita explains how the monkeys gained entry through an open gate left by visitors. The animals entered the kitchen and began creating havoc, throwing objects around. Fearful but resourceful, Nikita spotted the family’s Amazon Alexa device. Thinking fast, she instructed Alexa to play the sound of a barking dog.

The Power of Sound and Social Media

Nikita’s quick thinking paid off. The sound of the barking dog startled the monkeys, causing them to flee the house. The story, along with the video, quickly gained traction on social media, highlighting Nikita’s ingenuity. Alexa, a cloud-based voice assistant from Amazon, played a crucial role in resolving the situation.

Anand Mahindra Extends Job Offer

News of Nikita’s bravery reached Anand Mahindra, chairman of Mahindra and Mahindra, a prominent Indian conglomerate. Impressed by her quick thinking and effective use of technology, Mahindra offered Nikita a future job opportunity at his company upon completion of her education.

Technology as an Enabler

Mahindra, in a social media post, emphasized the positive role technology can play in human lives. He highlighted Nikita’s story as a prime example of how technology can be “an ENABLER of human ingenuity.” He further commended her leadership potential and expressed his hope that Nikita would consider joining MahindraRise after finishing her studies.

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