Ed Sheeran Charms Audience on The Great Indian Kapil Show

Ed Sheeran On Kapil Sharma Show
Preeti Bali / 8:53 am / May 21, 2024

The latest episode of The Great Indian Kapil Sharma Show featured a global icon – singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. Unlike previous episodes featuring Bollywood stars, this episode offered a unique blend of music, humor, and cultural exchange. Ed Sheeran’s performance and interactions with host Kapil Sharma had the audience roaring with laughter and appreciation.

Bollywood Dialogues Delivered with Flair

Kapil Sharma, known for his wit, challenged Ed Sheeran to attempt some iconic Bollywood dialogues. Ed, ever the enthusiastic participant, readily agreed. From the emotional “Maa ka dodo piya hai toh sane aa” to the fiery “Pushpa jhukega nahi saala,” Ed delivered each line with impressive accuracy. He even went a step further, mimicking Shah Rukh Khan’s signature pose for the dialogue “Bade Bade shehron mein choti choti baatein hoti rehti hai,” leaving the audience in awe of his Bollywood knowledge.

A Brush with Acting and The Road to Music

During the show, Ed Sheeran revealed a lesser-known fact about his career aspirations. He confessed to initially wanting to pursue acting. He even shared an anecdote about auditioning for a musical TV show at the age of sixteen and making it to the final ten. Interestingly, Ed had a tough decision to make – if he landed the role, he planned to give up music, and if not, he would abandon acting. Ultimately, his path led him to music, a decision that has undoubtedly delighted millions of fans worldwide.

From Dishwasher to Global Star

Kapil Sharma also delved into Ed Sheeran’s pre-fame life. Ed revealed his only previous job was washing dishes in a bar. He described the task as simply collecting and cleaning cutlery used by patrons.

A Memorable Visit to India

This episode, filmed during Ed Sheeran’s March visit to India, showcased his versatility and his genuine connection with Indian culture. It was a delightful addition to The Great Indian Kapil Sharma Show and a testament to Ed Sheeran’s global appeal.

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