Tira Unveils “Nails Our Way” A New Private Label for the Creative Nail Enthusiast

nails our way
Preeti Bali / 8:30 am / May 6, 2024

Reliance Retail’s Tira beauty stores are adding a new dimension to their offerings with the launch of “Nails Our Way,” a private label brand dedicated to premium nail care and color. This exciting development reflects Tira’s commitment to providing customers with a wider range of beauty products that cater to their individual preferences.

Innovative Nail Care for All

“Nails Our Way” takes a fresh approach to nail care, offering a variety of collections designed to meet different needs. “Gel Well,” “Swift Dry,” “Breathe Away,” and “Treat Coat” are just a few of the unique product lines available. Each collection boasts a diverse color palette, ensuring there’s a perfect shade for every mood and occasion.

Express Yourself Through Color

The “Nails Our Way” brand philosophy centers on empowering customers to embrace their creativity. The playful and modern aesthetic aligns perfectly with the preferences of Gen Z shoppers. Additionally, the brand includes essential nail care products like “No Bump Base,” “Cuti Care,” and “Toughen Up,” which nourish, strengthen, and protect nails for a healthy and beautiful look.

Building a Strong Presence in Beauty Retail

Launched in April 2023, Tira has carved a niche as an omni-channel beauty retail platform. It offers a personalized shopping experience with a curated selection of products from various brands.

A Seamless Shopping Experience

Tira caters to customers across platforms, providing online access through its website and app, while also maintaining a network of physical stores for those who prefer an in-person shopping experience.

Beyond Color: A Comprehensive Nail Care Solution

“Nails Our Way” goes beyond just vibrant nail colors. The brand encompasses essential elements for a complete manicure routine. “2 Toned Vanisher” and “Squeaky Clean” (acetone-free) nail polish removers provide gentle yet effective cleansing. To further elevate the at-home pampering experience, “Nails Our Way” offers complete manicure kits like “French ‘Em Up” and “Nailed It,” ensuring all the necessary tools are readily available.

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