Bollywood Star Joins Pune Jewelry Startup in Trendsetting Move

Shraddha Kapoor
Preeti Bali / 12:16 pm / March 7, 2024

Palmonas, a rising jewelry brand from Pune, has made a splash by welcoming Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor as a co-founder. This unique partnership blends celebrity power with attainable luxury, marking a turning point for the industry.

A connection forged over Instagram

The collaboration stemmed from an unexpected encounter on Instagram, highlighting the power of social media in forging connections. Kapoor’s initial interaction with Palmonas on the platform sparked a conversation that led to her joining the company. This innovative approach represents a first-of-its-kind meeting between a celebrity and a demi-fine jewelry brand, facilitated by the reach of modern digital spaces.

The partnership aims to leverage Kapoor’s star appeal alongside Palmonas’ commitment to design innovation and female empowerment, creating a powerful synergy. Founded by Pallavi Mohadikar and Amol Patwari, Palmonas stands out for its use of high-quality materials like 18k gold-plated surgical-grade stainless steel and sterling silver with 2.5-micron gold vermeil plating.

Mohadikar recalls a chance encounter that sparked the collaboration. A series of orders with the initials “S. Kapoor” piqued their curiosity, ultimately leading to the delightful discovery that Kapoor was a fan of their creations.

Palmonas and Shraddha Kapoor Work Together to Introduce Sustainable Luxury to India

Kapoor herself is a vocal supporter of Palmonas’ designs, praising their versatility and exceptional quality as key factors in her decision to join forces with the company. She envisions Palmonas as a brand that makes luxury jewelry accessible to a wider audience in India, all while maintaining a commitment to quality and sustainable practices.

Patwari expressed his appreciation for Kapoor’s involvement and the continued support of their customer base. He emphasized their shared goal of creating inspiring and empowering jewelry.

Palmonas’ focus on innovative materials and unwavering dedication to quality positions them as a frontrunner in the demi-fine jewelry market. With Kapoor’s influence and the booming global market for demi-fine jewelry, Palmonas is poised for exciting growth in the years to come.

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