Farhan Akhtar Heads Abroad to Scout Locations for “Don 3”

Ranveer & Farhan
Preeti Bali / 8:18 am / May 6, 2024

Get ready for the return of the iconic criminal mastermind! Director Farhan Akhtar has embarked on a mission to find the ideal filming locations for his upcoming film “Don 3,” starring Ranveer Singh as the titular character.

Expanding Horizons: Europe Beckons

According to reports, Akhtar isn’t limiting his search to just India. He’s set his sights on capturing the essence of the action-adventure genre on a grander scale by seeking out locations in the United Kingdom. This wouldn’t be his first foray into European landscapes; fans may recall the impactful scenes filmed in Berlin for “Don 2.” Given the film’s history, it’s no surprise that Germany is once again a potential filming destination.

A Meticulous Search for the Perfect Shot

Akhtar is reportedly leaving no stone unturned in his pursuit of the ideal locations. This meticulous planning is likely fueled by the anticipation surrounding the action thriller. With Ranveer Singh stepping into the role of Don and Kiara Advani playing the leading lady, the film promises a thrilling cinematic experience.

Filming on the Horizon

The latest buzz suggests filming for “Don 3” will kick off in February 2025. The story will primarily unfold against the backdrop of these foreign locations, offering a fresh visual experience for audiences. While pre-production began earlier this year, fans were recently treated to a glimpse of the film’s set design, courtesy of the production designer on social media. The cryptic caption, “Aa raha hai woh. Don” (Here he comes. Don), has only heightened the excitement surrounding the film.

Ranveer Singh: A Busy Schedule Awaits

Meanwhile, Ranveer Singh has a packed schedule ahead. He’s gearing up for director Aditya Dhar’s upcoming action thriller later this year. However, personal commitments are also on the horizon as he prepares for the arrival of his first child with actress Deepika Padukone. The couple announced the news earlier this year, with their baby expected to arrive in September.

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