Competishun: A New Player in the Crowded Indian Edtech Market

Team Competishun
Preeti Bali / 12:00 pm / May 2, 2024

The Indian education technology (edtech) market is booming, with numerous startups vying for a slice of the digital learning pie. Despite challenges faced by some established companies, investors remain optimistic about the sector, particularly regarding promising newcomers. One such company is Competishun, a platform specifically focused on preparing students for the IIT-JEE and NEET entrance exams.

A Vision for Accessible Excellence

Competishun was born from a desire to revolutionize IIT-JEE and NEET coaching. Their mission is to provide comprehensive and effective preparation methods to students across India. Recognizing the need for affordable, high-quality education, Competishun strives to level the playing field by offering accessible learning opportunities regardless of financial background.

Learning Made Easy

Competishun’s platform offers a variety of resources to aid students in their academic journey. They provide structured online and offline courses, comprehensive study materials, and dedicated textbooks specifically tailored for JEE (Main and Advanced) and NEET (UG) preparation. Their goal is to create a comfortable and affordable online learning environment.

Personalized Learning at Your Fingertips

Competishun goes beyond traditional learning methods by offering customized online batches based on individual student needs and performance. Students can access real-time doubt-solving assistance through dedicated channels like WhatsApp and phone support available 24/7. To further personalize the learning experience, Competishun utilizes Telegram for doubt-clearing sessions and live Zoom sessions to provide one-on-one interaction with educators.

Addressing Industry Challenges Through Technology

Competishun recognizes the need for a more personalized approach to online education and the importance of leveraging technology. Their platform utilizes adaptive learning algorithms that personalize study plans according to individual strengths and weaknesses. By implementing cutting-edge technology, Competishun aims to enhance the learning experience and make it more engaging.

A Commitment to Quality and Affordability

Competishun is dedicated to providing cost-effective, high-quality education to all aspiring IIT-JEE and NEET candidates, allowing them to pursue their academic goals from the comfort of their homes. They aim to dispel the myth that online education is less effective than traditional methods. Additionally, Competishun strives to counter unethical practices within the online learning space, fostering trust and confidence among students and parents regarding the efficacy of online education.

Building a Strong Foundation for the Future

Since its inception, Competishun has seen remarkable growth. They boast a continuously increasing user base, impressive results in JEE Main and Advanced exams, high course completion rates, and positive feedback from both students and educators. Competishun takes pride in empowering students to achieve their academic aspirations.

Looking Ahead: Expansion and Innovation

Competishun has ambitious plans for the future. In the short term, they aim to expand their course offerings, introduce new platform features, and solidify their presence within the Indian edtech market. Their long-term vision includes establishing hybrid study centers across the nation, offering students a blended learning experience that combines the best of online and offline education.

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