IN-SPACe Launches Pioneering Program to Ignite India’s Space Startup Ecosystem

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Preeti Bali / 6:45 am / June 18, 2024

The Indian National Space Promotion and Authorisation Centre (IN-SPACe) has taken a significant leap forward in fostering the growth of India’s space sector with the introduction of the Pre-Incubation Entrepreneurship (PIE) programme. This groundbreaking initiative aims to empower the next generation of space entrepreneurs by providing them with the necessary tools and guidance to transform their ideas into reality.

Investing in Young Minds for a Booming Industry

“India’s space area is on the cusp of sensational development,” proclaimed Pawan Goenka, administrator of IN-SPACe. “Youthful business visionaries are the main impetus behind this development, and the PIE program is intended to be their platform. We will furnish them with specialized mastery as well as with the business sharpness expected to explore the intricacies of the space business.”

Targeting Aspiring Space Leaders

The PIE programme specifically seeks to cultivate talent from various demographics. It welcomes students pursuing technical degrees, recent graduates with a strong passion for space technology (particularly those graduating in 2024), individuals enrolled in Master’s or Doctoral programs focused on space-related fields, and early-stage startups harboring entrepreneurial dreams within the space technology domain.

Unlocking Potential and Securing Global Leadership

According to Goenka, the early-stage support offered by the PIE programme will be instrumental in unlocking the potential of these bright minds, ultimately propelling India to a leadership position in the global space industry. Spanning 21 months, the program offers a comprehensive journey divided into distinct phases, guiding aspiring space entrepreneurs through ideation, innovation, and prototype development. The structured support ensures participants receive the necessary guidance at every crucial stage of their entrepreneurial journey.

Mentorship and Networking for Success

A critical component of the PIE program is its emphasis on mentorship and systems administration. Members will acquire significant bits of knowledge, criticism, and systems administration amazing open doors through direct admittance to industry veterans and informed authorities. “This will encourage a culture of development among these business visionaries,” made sense of Goenka. “Their logical headways won’t just produce financial advantages yet additionally add to more extensive monetary turn of events and set out new position open doors inside India’s space area.”

Eligibility and Application Details

To be qualified for the PIE program, candidates should not have gotten earlier awards, financing, or money related help from any private or government plans. Also, all entries should be altogether unique work. New businesses enrolled with the Division for Advancement of Industry and Inward Exchange (DPIIT) on or after July 1, 2022, are delegated beginning phase new companies and are free to apply.

For more data on the PIE program and the application cycle, kindly visit the IN-SPACe site at

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