Swiggy Launches Innovative “Eatlists” Feature for Streamlined Food Discovery and Sharing

Eatlist by Swiggy
Preeti Bali / 6:40 am / July 8, 2024

Swiggy, India’s dominant food delivery platform, has unveiled a groundbreaking feature called “Eatlists.” This exciting innovation empowers users to create and share personalized food recommendations directly within the app. Designed to combat the common struggle of indecision when choosing meals, Eatlists tackles a pain point for many users. Swiggy’s data reveals that a staggering 58% of their users grapple with meal selection, while a significant 68% rely on recommendations from friends and family. Eatlists aims to streamline this process by offering a centralized platform for food discovery, saving, and sharing – all conveniently housed within the Swiggy app.

Curated Lists and Continuous Inspiration

Eatlists offers a range of functionalities to enhance the user experience. Users can now create themed lists to categorize their favorite dishes, making them easily accessible for future reference. This “Centralized Favourites” feature ensures users never lose track of their most-loved meals. Sharing these curated lists with friends and family is effortless with the “Easy Sharing” function, allowing them to discover new culinary delights and restaurants. Additionally, users can explore “Continuous Recommendations” by browsing Eatlists created by other Swiggy users. This opens a world of possibilities, providing a constant stream of inspiration and fresh meal ideas.

Building a Community Around Food

Swiggy’s CEO of Food Marketplace, Rohit Kapoor, emphasizes the inherent social aspect of food with the launch of Eatlists. He remarks, “Traditionally, food has been a cornerstone of building communities. Eatlists seamlessly blends this social aspect with the digital world. Users can express their unique ‘food identity’ through personalized lists while simultaneously discovering hidden gems through the vast collection of Eatlists curated by fellow food enthusiasts and experts.”

Seamless Creation and Exploration

Creating an Eatlist is a breeze. Users simply tap the bookmark icon next to their favorite dishes, saving them under personalized categories like “Weekend Treats” or “Healthy Bites.” Once their lists are meticulously crafted, they can be shared via popular social media platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram. Furthermore, users can delve into the world of Eatlists created by others, uncovering themed lists like “Late-night Cravings in Mumbai” or “Top Street Foods in Delhi.” This fosters a more social and interactive experience when selecting meals.

Swiggy’s Eatlists promises to revolutionize the food-ordering experience. It facilitates effortless discovery and sharing of favorite meals, fostering a vibrant community of food lovers who can connect through their shared passion for culinary delights.

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