Shah Rukh Khan and Mukesh Ambani at PM Modi’s Oath Ceremony: A Display of Simplicity

Mukesh Ambani & Shahrukh Khan
Preeti Bali / 6:23 am / June 11, 2024

At the recent oath-taking ceremony of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Shah Rukh Khan and Mukesh Ambani were seen relaxing and engaging in conversation. The presence of Bollywood’s top star and the country’s leading businessman caught the attention of many as they shared a moment together.


Humble Beverages Amidst Grand Event

What particularly stood out was their choice of refreshment. Both Shah Rukh Khan and Mukesh Ambani were spotted sipping a Rs 31 ORS tetra pack. These images quickly spread across social media, with fans praising their modesty and grounded nature despite their high status.


Social Media Reactions

The straightforwardness showed by these high-profile people drew broad adoration. One online entertainment client commented, “It’s superior to all that soft drink. This is ideally suited for the climate. Likewise, he had an intensity stroke as of late; playing it safe is better.”


Shah Rukh Khan’s Charismatic Presence

Shah Rukh Khan’s elegant appearance also garnered a lot of attention. Admirers couldn’t stop complimenting his stylish look, with many calling him the original King, noting his enduring relatability regardless of his fame.


Mukesh Ambani’s Down-to-Earth Persona

Mukesh Ambani’s straightforward and humble demeanor was also highlighted. The internet was abuzz with these photos, reflecting the public’s appreciation for the simplicity of two of India’s most influential figures.

In summary, the event not only marked a significant political moment but also showcased the down-to-earth side of two major public figures, Shah Rukh Khan and Mukesh Ambani, much to the delight of their fans and followers.


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