Relux Electric Gears Up for South India Expansion with Rs 250 Crore Funding

Preeti Bali / 10:45 am / May 13, 2024

Relux Electric, a leading player in the electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure space, has secured a significant investment of Rs 250 crore. This funding, provided by a group of real estate and infrastructure investors, is structured on a revenue-sharing basis, allowing Relux to retain complete ownership and control over its assets. This financial boost marks a turning point for Relux as it embarks on an ambitious plan to significantly expand its charging network across South India.

Strategic Investment Fuels Hypercharger Rollout

The newly acquired capital will be strategically deployed over the next eight months to establish 20 state-of-the-art hypercharging stations along key highways in South India. Dr. Karthikeyan Santharam, the Managing Director and CEO of Relux, highlighted the company’s commitment, stating they have already identified prime land parcels along high-traffic routes like NH 44, NH 45, and NH 556. Each of these expansive stations will occupy an area of 1 to 1.5 acres, catering to a diverse range of vehicles.

Designed for Efficiency and Convenience

These upcoming charging stations are designed to address the needs of a variety of vehicles. As Dr. Santharam explained, each station will be equipped to handle up to 10 small to medium-sized cars, 10 high-end cars, two buses, and a truck simultaneously. Notably, the charging times will be optimized for different vehicle types. Three-wheelers will be able to fully recharge in just 10 minutes, while four-wheelers will require only 18 minutes for a complete charge.

Expanding Focus: Fleet and Commercial Solutions

Relux Electric is demonstrating its commitment to innovation by venturing into charging solutions for fleet operators and commercial EV owners. Dr. Santharam elaborated on this expansion, revealing plans to launch a dedicated business unit specifically focused on setting up charging stations for these segments.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

Beyond just rapid charging, Relux is committed to providing a holistic customer experience. These stations will incorporate on-site amenities such as shopping centers and eateries, catering to the needs of travelers and commuters while their vehicles power up.

Collaborations and Future Expansion

Looking ahead, Relux is seeking to forge strategic partnerships with residential and commercial complexes, fleet operators, and travel agencies to facilitate the wider deployment of charging stations. Additionally, the company is actively exploring further funding avenues with potential investors to fuel its accelerated nationwide expansion plans. This multi-pronged approach positions Relux to solidify its leadership position in South India while simultaneously extending its reach to eastern and western regions of the country.

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