Mufin Green Finance Secures $5 Million Debt Investment for Environmental Initiatives

Preeti Bali / 10:02 am / March 8, 2024

Mufin Green Finance, a prominent non-banking finance company, has secured a $5 million debt investment from BlueOrchard, a leading impact investment manager. This collaboration marks a significant step towards advancing transformative projects that address environmental concerns and promote economic growth.

Shared Vision for a Sustainable Future

“This substantial investment reinforces our unwavering commitment to driving positive environmental change on a global scale,” said Kapil Garg, Managing Director of Mufin Green Finance. He further emphasized the company’s plan to leverage BlueOrchard’s vast network and expertise to amplify its mission.

Aligning Priorities for Environmental and Economic Well-being

The investment aligns perfectly with the shared commitment of both entities to fostering sustainable practices. This strategic partnership signifies a crucial milestone in the collective pursuit of environmental sustainability and economic prosperity.

The financial backing from BlueOrchard will empower Mufin Green Finance to accelerate its initiatives in the green and energy sectors. This will enable the company to support a wider range of projects that contribute to environmental well-being while fostering economic growth.

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