Investment Boost for Bottled Water Brand Clear: JM Financial Private Equity Injects ₹45 Crore

clear water
Preeti Bali / 10:41 am / March 15, 2024

JM Financial Private Equity announced a ₹45 crore investment in Energy Beverages Pvt Ltd, the company behind the popular bottled water brand “Clear”, on Thursday. This marks the fifth investment for JM Financial’s Fund III, which prioritizes high-growth mid-market businesses.

Leader in Hospitality Sector, Eyeing Retail Growth

Energy Beverages has established itself as a leading force within the HoReCa (hotels, restaurants, and cafes) sector and is actively expanding its presence in the Indian retail market. The company boasts a nationwide distribution network and is strategically working to further strengthen its reach across the country.

The funds from this investment will be directed towards bolstering brand-building initiatives for Clear, along with increasing production capacity and enhancing the existing distribution network. This strategic move signifies JM Financial Private Equity’s belief in the potential of the organized bottled water market in India, which is witnessing a shift from unorganized players.

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