share Launches: A Platform for Meaningful Connections and Knowledge Monetization

Preeti Bali / 7:18 am / June 21, 2024

Serial entrepreneur and investor Aakash Anand, known for founding Bellavita (acquired by Ananta Capital), has unveiled his latest venture, This innovative platform aims to foster genuine connections between users by enabling them to monetize their time and expertise.

Investment Round Backed by Prominent Figures has gotten a huge seed venture of $2 million. The round was driven by a recognized gathering of business people and financial backers, including Nikhil Kamath (Zerodha), Peyush Bansal (Lenskart), and Vishesh Khurana (Shiprocket). Dholakia Adventures, Nitin Jain and Vasant Sridhar (OfBusiness), and Gaurav Khatri (Commotion) additionally took part in the subsidizing. Strikingly, persuasive figures like Tanmay Bhatt, Raj Shamani, Arjun Vaidya, Sharan Hegde, Ganeshprasad, Shlok Shrivastava, and Rahul Malodia further supported the round.

Strong Leadership Team Guides

Aakash Anand is joined by two achieved prime supporters in driving Palash Arneja, a sanctioned bookkeeper, fills in as the Head Working Official, while Sumit Jha, the previous CTO of Zecpe (gained by Cashfree in 2023), brings his specialized skill as the Main Innovation Official.

Connecting for Practical Knowledge and Growth has authoritatively sent off its foundation, offering clients a space to interface with consultants or friends for functional and shrewd exhortation. The stage engages clients to post inquiries for proficient reactions, have instructive occasions like online courses or studios, and offer their insight to create pay.

Flexibility and Control for Users prioritizes user control. The platform allows users to determine their own pricing and schedule preferences for one-on-one consultations, conducted via chat, audio, or video calls.

Building on a Growing Trend’s launch follows the footsteps of Offline, a community platform established by Utsav Somani, former CEO of AngelList India. Notably, Offline also secured $2 million in funding last year, highlighting the growing interest in fostering meaningful connections through online platforms.


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