Tech Mahindra’s Project Indus: A Game Changer for AI Communication in India

Tech Mahindra Launches Project Indus
Preeti Bali / 6:06 am / July 4, 2024

CP Gurnani, former CEO of Tech Mahindra, rose to the challenge laid down by OpenAI’s Sam Altman. During a speech at the MachineCon GCC Summit in Bangalore, Gurnani unveiled Project Indus, a large-language model (LLM) capable of communicating in over 40 Indian languages and dialects. This remarkable feat, achieved in just five months and under $5 million, demonstrates India’s growing prowess in the field of AI.

Fueled by Competition, Project Indus Emerges

Gurnani’s motivation stemmed from Altman’s comments during a visit to India. Skeptical of India’s ability to compete in the LLM space, Altman suggested a $10 million budget wouldn’t be enough to train such models. This sparked a wave of determination among Indian tech leaders, with Gurnani taking immediate action.

Project Indus: Revolutionizing AI Communication in India

Project Indus is a groundbreaking initiative that aims to transform AI communication in India. By supporting a vast array of local languages and dialects, this project not only showcases India’s growing AI capabilities but also paves the way for technological self-reliance. Building the Indus model involved extensive data collection, particularly from Hindi-speaking populations, as highlighted by Nikhil Malhotra, head of Makers Lab at Tech Mahindra.

Collaboration for Accessibility and Impact

The project leverages Dell Technologies’ “GenAI in a box” framework, ensuring easy deployment for businesses. Denise Millard of Dell emphasizes the importance of accessibility and scalability in AI adoption. This collaboration is expected to revolutionize AI applications in various sectors like healthcare, education, finance, agriculture, and telecommunications.

Project Indus Goes Global: Preserving Bahasa Indonesia

Tech Mahindra’s vision extends beyond India’s borders. Project Indus plans to incorporate Bahasa Indonesia, the official language of Indonesia. This expansion will empower individuals and businesses to communicate online using local dialects, showcasing the model’s versatility and broader global impact.

India’s Rise in the AI Race

Gurnani’s announcement marks a significant turning point in the global AI race. Project Indus positions India as a strong contender in developing and deploying cutting-edge AI technologies. This achievement demonstrates India’s potential to become a leader in the future of AI.

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