RockClimber: A Fruity Disruptor in India’s Beverage Market

Rock Climber Jamun
Preeti Bali / 7:42 am / July 1, 2024

India’s vast beverage market boasts established giants alongside emerging players like Bira. Recognizing this space’s potential, RockClimber has carved its niche with unique fruit-based beverages and spirits. Their focus? Locally sourced fruits like jamun, grapes, and pomegranate, crafted into exciting and refreshing drinks.

Standing Out with Quality and Innovation

In an interview with the founders, Deepak Poduval and Hariprasad Shetty, we explored what sets RockClimber apart. They emphasize being a truly “fruit-centric” brand. “We experiment with unique fruit combinations,” says Poduval, “incorporating global trends while keeping fruits at the heart of everything we do.” This commitment to fresh, high-quality ingredients is a stark contrast to competitors who rely heavily on artificial flavors and preservatives. Their success speaks for itself – in just three years, they’ve established a strong presence with a 140-distributor network across 11 states, selling over 3 million bottles and processing 3000 tons of fruit.

Building a Robust Distribution Network

Shetty highlights the importance of a strong distribution network, which they meticulously built from the ground up. “We mapped out territories and identified experienced, reputable distributors who understood local market dynamics,” he explains. This strategic approach ensures their beverages reach the right consumers.

Expanding Online Presence

Having established a solid distribution network, RockClimber is now gearing up for an aggressive online marketing push, exploring partnerships with quick commerce platforms.

Empowering Farmers Through Sustainable Practices

RockClimber’s focus extends beyond delicious drinks. They partner with over 200,000 small-scale fruit farmers, offering them:

  • Stable income through year-round procurement
  • Timely payments
  • Reduced time to sell their produce
  • Access to a wider market

This not only benefits the farmers but also tackles fruit wastage, a major concern in India. RockClimber aims to procure ten times the current fruit volume in the next few years, significantly reducing fruit loss and positively impacting farmer livelihoods. Additionally, they plan to create local employment opportunities as their facilities expand.

Global Expansion Plans: A Focus on UAE and Africa

RockClimber’s vision extends beyond India’s borders. They aim to establish a 10 million-strong farmer base within three years and set up a platform for better communication and forecasting with farmers. They are also developing a patented mobile fruit processing system and plan to establish export units in select locations within the UAE and Africa. These markets, with their well-traveled consumers and openness to experimentation, present exciting opportunities for RockClimber’s innovative beverages. With their focus on quality, sustainability, and global expansion, RockClimber is poised to become a major player in the ever-evolving beverage landscape.

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