PM Modi Calls for End to Ukraine Conflict During Russia Visit

PM Modi with President Putin
Preeti Bali / 8:46 am / July 10, 2024

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, currently on a two-day official trip to Russia, made a direct appeal to end the ongoing Ukraine conflict that has persisted for over two years. During an informal discussion with President Vladimir Putin at his official residence in Moscow, PM Modi emphasized that no resolution can be achieved through warfare.


Advocating for Dialogue and Diplomacy

“India has reliably supported for the admiration of the UN Sanction, including regional uprightness and sway. An answer can’t be tracked down on the war zone. Exchange and tact are the pathways to goal,” PM Modi is accounted for to have passed on to Putin during their supper meeting.


Concerns Over Indians Misled into Russian Army

PM Modi also expressed concerns regarding Indian nationals who were deceived into joining the Russian military by unscrupulous travel agents. Sources indicate that Russia has pledged to repatriate all affected individuals.


Approximately two dozen Indians are believed to have been coerced into participating in the conflict against Ukraine after being misled by agents with promises of high-paying jobs. A viral video earlier this year showed a group of men from Punjab and Haryana, dressed in military uniforms, claiming they were duped into fighting in Ukraine and urgently requesting assistance.


PM Modi’s First Visit to Russia Post-Ukraine Conflict

This visit marks PM Modi’s first trip to Russia since the country initiated its campaign in Ukraine and since his re-election last month for an unprecedented third term. India has refrained from explicitly condemning Russia and has abstained from voting on United Nations resolutions criticizing Moscow.


Putin Congratulates Modi on Third Term

President Vladimir Putin congratulated PM Modi on his third term, noting that his re-election highlights Modi’s success in advancing India’s interests: “The results speak for themselves; India now ranks third globally in terms of economy.”


Historic Bilateral Meeting

This meeting represents the 16th interaction between PM Modi and President Putin over the past decade, with their most recent face-to-face meeting occurring at the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Summit in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, in 2022. In 2019, PM Modi was awarded Russia’s highest state honor, the ‘Order of the Holy Apostle Andrew the First.’


Upcoming Visit to Austria

Following his visit to Russia, PM Modi will embark on a historic trip to Austria, marking the first visit by an Indian Prime Minister to the country in 40 years.


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