Plane Secures $4 Million to Fuel Open-Source Project Management Platform

Plane CoFounders
Preeti Bali / 2:06 pm / April 24, 2024

Plane, a rising open-source project management platform, has secured $4 million in seed funding led by OSS Capital, a venture capital firm specializing in early-stage investments in commercial open-source software. This investment will propel Plane’s community growth and empower the platform to compete effectively within the enterprise segment.

Introducing Plane One: Streamlined Instance Management

Coinciding with the funding announcement, Plane has unveiled Plane One, a groundbreaking initiative in the open-source realm. Plane One represents the first-ever open-source pricing plan specifically designed for self-managed instance owners at growing companies. This innovative offering caters to the needs of both new and existing Plane administrators, addressing their most pressing concerns regarding instance governance, security, and performance.

Simplifying Project Management for All

Founded in November 2022 by Vamsi Kurama and Vihar Kurama, Plane’s core philosophy hinges on creating a user-friendly and adaptable project management platform. The platform caters to teams of all sizes and across various industries, simplifying project workflows and fostering streamlined collaboration.

Revolutionizing Project Management with Open-Source Innovation

Plane’s unwavering commitment to a “first-principles” approach to modern project management, coupled with its impressive user base growth, positions the platform as a disruptive force. Plane is poised to fundamentally change how businesses manage projects and workflows.

Global Reach and Expertise

Plane operates with headquarters in both Delaware, USA, and India, leveraging a global perspective to drive innovation.

OSS Capital: Backing Open-Source Leaders

OSS Capital, the lead investor in this funding round, has a proven track record of supporting promising early-stage ventures within the commercial open-source software space. Their portfolio includes notable startups like Wasmer, BlueSky, CrabNebula, and Formbricks.

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