Parseable Secures S$2.75 Million Seed Funding to Drive Log Management Innovation

Preeti Bali / 8:33 am / May 8, 2024

Parseable, a Bengaluru-based company specializing in log analytics solutions, has successfully secured S$2.75 million in its Seed funding round. The round was led by prominent venture capital firms Surge and NP-Hard Ventures.

Fueling Innovation in Log Data Management

In a press release, Parseable announced that the raised funds will be strategically directed towards accelerating their advancements in log data management. This focus aligns with the ever-increasing volume of log data generated by modern digital businesses.

Unlocking Data Silos with Open Formats

Parseable leverages open data formats such as Apache Parquet and Apache Arrow. These formats play a vital role in dismantling data silos, a common challenge faced by many organizations. By embracing open standards, Parseable guarantees that log data is not only readily accessible but also interoperable with various tools and systems within an organization’s ecosystem.

Empowering Businesses with Unified Data Insights

This emphasis on a unified data environment empowers businesses to glean valuable insights from not just logs, but also from other data sources. This comprehensive approach significantly enhances overall business intelligence capabilities.

Global Reach Across Diverse Industries

Parseable’s solutions have gained traction across the globe, catering to leading companies in the fintech, cybersecurity, and healthcare sectors, among others.

Surge: A Springboard for Startup Success

Surge, the venture capital arm of Peak XV Partners, boasts an impressive track record. Within a span of less than five years, they have empowered over 330 founders and more than 140 startups across 16 different sectors. Notably, Surge-backed startups have collectively garnered over $2 billion in follow-on funding after graduating from the accelerator program.


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