Neo San Secures $1.5 Million in Seed Funding to Revolutionize Waste Management

Neo San
Preeti Bali / 9:01 am / June 28, 2024

Neo San, a trailblazing clean technology company, has secured $1.5 million in a seed funding round, propelling its post-money valuation to $7.2 million. The round attracted prominent investors, including Ashish Kacholia and professional golfer Anirban Lahiri.

Tackling Hazardous Waste with Cutting-Edge Technology

Neo San specializes in tackling hazardous waste management through its proprietary solutions. Their flagship product, Neo-X, is a decentralized waste incinerator that utilizes clean energy sources. This groundbreaking technology enables on-site waste treatment, drastically minimizing emissions compared to traditional methods.

Scaling Up for National Impact

Dhwaj Bagrecha, Fellow benefactor of Neo San, framed the organization’s vision for the recently gained reserves. “This venture will fuel the cross country extension of our innovations and the improvement of bigger frameworks to address India’s prospering waste administration needs,” he expressed. “Our goal is to lay out decentralized networks that reinforce neighborhood squander the board proficiency, prompting a huge decline in generally speaking discharges.”

Commitment to Sustainable Waste Management

Neo San’s recent funding round signifies their unwavering dedication to pioneering sustainable solutions in the realm of waste management. The company’s innovative technology offers a powerful tool to combat pressing environmental challenges.

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