Mira Kapoor Joins Perfectly Average as Brand Representative

Mira Kapoor Perfectly Average
Preeti Bali / 6:37 am / July 11, 2024

Jewellery label Perfectly Average has signed Mira Kapoor as its latest brand ambassador. This collaboration is considered a perfect match because Kapoor represents elegance, grace, and contemporary sensibility.

“We are glad to invite Mira Kapoor into the Perfectly Average family. Mira’s epitome of style, beauty, and present day reasonableness impeccably mirrors the basic beliefs of our image. She isn’t just a style symbol yet additionally a good example who lines up with our central goal to reclassify extravagance as comprehensive and engaging. Her solid presence in the design business and certified love for flawless craftsmanship make her an optimal agent for Perfectly Average,” expressed Organizer Tarushi Chhabra.

About Perfectly Average

Established in 2021 by Tarushi Chhabra, Palak Chhabra, and Vidhi Jhalani, Perfectly Average focuses on stackable, dazzling jewellery and practical accessories.

Renowned for its detailed designs featuring 18K gold plating, CZ stones, moonstones, amethyst, pearls, and aventurine, the brand strives to provide accessible luxury for everyone. Perfectly Average emphasizes that each person should feel at ease in their own skin and express themselves with confidence.


Mira Kapoor’s Excitement

“I’m excited to team up with Perfectly Average, as their pieces cause extravagance to feel individual and critical for each lady. As somebody who values style that features distinction and strengthening, collaborating with Perfectly Average permits me to advocate for gems that improves outside excellence as well as celebrates inward certainty,” Mira Kapoor shared.

With Mira Kapoor’s association, Perfectly Average intends to extend its compass and motivate more ladies to embrace their uniqueness through their gems.


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