Kushal’s Eyes Global Expansion with Online Push and Funding Boost

Preeti Bali / 1:48 pm / March 1, 2024

Kushal’s, a leading fashion and silver jewellery brand in India, is poised for significant growth driven by a growing online presence and a recent funding infusion.

Digital Transformation and Global Ambitions:

While their brick-and-mortar stores remain a crucial component of their business, Kushal’s is placing increasing emphasis on digital channels. Currently, 20% of their sales are generated through their website, app, and online marketplaces. This focus on e-commerce is further amplified by their plans to launch a dedicated website specifically catering to the global market. This expansion reflects the company’s recognition of growing international demand for their products, particularly in regions like the UAE, the US, Australia, and Europe.

Thriving Market and Strategic Investment:

The Indian fashion and silver jewellery market is currently valued at Rs 30,000 crore and is experiencing impressive annual growth of 20%. This robust market environment, coupled with changing consumer preferences towards fashion jewellery as an integral aspect of their lifestyle, positions Kushal’s for further success.

Lighthouse Fund Provides Capital and Expertise:

Lighthouse India, a leading private equity firm, recently invested in Kushal’s. This marks the first investment from Lighthouse’s newly raised fourth private equity fund. Anshul Jain, Managing Director at Lighthouse, expressed confidence in Kushal’s potential for growth, citing their strategic positioning and alignment with positive market trends. This investment not only provides Kushal’s with essential capital but also brings valuable expertise and guidance to support their future endeavours.

Looking Ahead:

With a robust online strategy, global expansion plans, and the backing of a prominent investor, Kushal’s is well-equipped to capitalize on the thriving fashion jewellery market and establish itself as a leading player in the industry on a global scale.

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