Kota Coaching Institutes Face Enrollment Slump Amidst Discontent

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Preeti Bali / 10:38 am / June 25, 2024

Rajesh Maheshwari, founder director at Allen Career Institute, a leading coaching institute in Kota, Rajasthan, has acknowledged a significant decline in student admissions for the current year. In a note to educators obtained by Entrackr, Maheshwari highlighted a nearly 31% decrease in admissions compared to the previous year.

Downward Trend in Key Admission Categories

Maheshwari attributed the decline to “disinformation” surrounding the city of Kota. He revealed a drop of around 33% in admissions for medical entrance exams, with the current figure standing at 46,000. Similarly, admissions for IIT entrance exams have fallen to less than 24,000 this year, compared to 33,000 in the previous year. The total number of admissions for 2024 currently sits below 80,000, a stark contrast to the 115,000 recorded in 2023.

Resilience and Improvement Efforts

Despite the enrollment slump, Maheshwari emphasized Allen’s continued success in various exam categories and its commitment to student well-being. He pointed out the institute’s efforts to combat “disinformation” and improve student care as contributing factors. This sentiment aligns with a previous report from September 2023 by The Ken, which indicated a decline in student admissions to Kota coaching institutes that began in June 2023.

Kota: A Hub with a Shadow

Kota’s reputation as a premier destination for competitive exam preparation, boasting institutions like Allen, is undeniable. The city’s coaching industry has flourished, generating an estimated revenue of Rs 6,000 crore. However, Kota also faces challenges. The rapid surge in small hostels and paying guest accommodations has raised concerns. Additionally, the intense pressure on students to perform has been linked to a rise in mental health issues. In 2023, a disturbing trend emerged with 23 student suicides reported, compared to 15 in 2022. The local administration’s bizarre attempt to curb these tragedies with “anti-suicide” devices on ceiling fans in 2023 further highlighted the complexities of the situation.

Looking Ahead: Addressing Deeper Issues

Maheshwari’s comments come amidst ongoing controversies surrounding exam paper leaks and student protests. While coaching institutes in Kota may resort to offering more attractive facilities, discounts, and incentives to retain students and compete with each other, these measures may not address the root causes of declining enrollment and student despair.

Seeking Further Insights

Efforts were made to contact Rajesh Maheshwari to delve deeper into the reasons behind the enrollment drop and the institute’s initiatives to improve student well-being. This article will be updated with any further information received.

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