Jaipur Watch Company Secures Funding for Growth and Innovation

Jaipur Watch Company
Preeti Bali / 12:56 pm / May 3, 2024

Jaipur Watch Company, a respected name in the luxury watch industry, has secured a significant investment of Rs 1.6 crore through revenue-based financing from Klub, a prominent investment firm. This strategic partnership is poised to propel Jaipur Watch Company to new heights, solidifying its dedication to exceptional craftsmanship, cutting-edge innovation, and continued market leadership.

Partnership Strengthens Growth Ambitions

The collaboration with Klub underscores Jaipur Watch Company’s unwavering commitment to expansion and brand enhancement. “This funding serves as a critical stepping stone in achieving our ambitious growth plans,” stated Gaurav Mehta, Founder of Jaipur Watch Company. “It not only validates the efficacy of our business model but also fuels our vision of delivering exceptional luxury timepieces to discerning clientele.”

Klub Backs Quality and Innovation

Founded in 2019, Klub has rapidly established itself as a major player in the investment landscape, having supported over 650 brands across India and the UAE. “We are thrilled to support Jaipur Watch Company in their journey,” remarked Anurakt Jain, Co-founder of Klub. “Their unwavering commitment to quality and innovation aligns perfectly with our investment philosophy, and we are eager to witness their continued success.”

Focus on Marketing and Inventory

The influx of capital will be primarily directed towards marketing initiatives and inventory-related activities, with the aim of bolstering brand visibility and expanding product offerings.”Through this financing, we mean to raise our advertising endeavors and take special care of the rising interest for our flawless watches,” added Mehta. “Past the monetary assets, the important help and direction from Klub will altogether speed up our development direction.”

Standing Out in the Competitive Landscape

Jaipur Watch Company’s strategic approach to utilizing the funds highlights its unwavering determination to stand out in the highly competitive luxury watch market. “Our objective is to redefine the landscape of luxury watches,” emphasized Mehta. “This partnership with Klub marks a significant milestone in our journey towards achieving excellence.”

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