ixigo IPO Set for June 18th Listing, Grey Market Hints at Strong Debut

ixigo IPO
Preeti Bali / 7:09 am / June 17, 2024

The highly anticipated initial public offering (IPO) of Le Travenues Technology Limited, the parent company of the popular travel platform ‘ixigo,’ is scheduled to list on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE) on June 18th, 2024. This marks a significant milestone for the company and its investors.

Grey Market Premium Indicates Positive Sentiment

Ahead of the listing, the grey market is showing a positive sentiment towards ixigo’s shares. According to stock market observers, the grey market premium (GMP) for ixigo’s IPO is currently ₹30, suggesting that the market expects a strong debut for the company’s shares on Dalal Street. This translates to an estimated listing price of around ₹123, offering lucky allottees a potential gain of approximately 32 percent.

Cautionary Note on Grey Market Premium

While the grey market premium provides some indication of market sentiment, it’s important to exercise caution. Market experts emphasize that the grey market is unregulated and should not be considered a reliable predictor of listing gains. They advise investors to base their decisions on the company’s financial fundamentals rather than solely relying on grey market trends.

Focus on Financial Fundamentals

ixigo IPO allottees are encouraged to maintain their conviction in the company’s potential and rely on its financial performance for making informed decisions. The grey market premium, while indicative of positive sentiment, should not be the sole factor influencing investment choices.

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