Fractal Analytics Gears Up for IPO, Converts to Public Limited Company

Fractal Analytics
Preeti Bali / 2:25 pm / April 18, 2024

Fractal Analytics, a prominent artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics firm headquartered in Mumbai and New York is undergoing a crucial transformation in preparation for an initial public offering (IPO). The company is transitioning from a private limited company to a public limited company.

Internal Communication Confirms the Shift

An internal email sent to Fractal employees and reviewed by YourStory confirmed the development. The email stated, “The company has initiated the process to convert its status from a private limited company to an unlisted public limited company for which necessary approval was availed from the shareholders at their extraordinary general meeting held on March 28, 2024.” Fractal Analytics, however, declined to comment on this specific development.

Transition Aligns with Industry Trends

This move by Fractal reflects a common practice among companies seeking a public listing. Swiggy, another Indian company aiming for a domestic IPO, recently converted to a public limited company on April 9, as per filings with the Registrar of Companies.

About Fractal Analytics

Established in 2000, Fractal Analytics empowers businesses to make informed decisions across various functions like sales, marketing, and supply chain management through the power of analytics and AI. The company’s clientele boasts of renowned names like Axis Bank, Wells Fargo, and Proctor and Gamble. Fractal has a global workforce of approximately 5,000 employees spread across India, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Fractal’s AI and Analytics Solutions

Fractal offers a comprehensive suite of AI tools and platforms to address diverse business needs. Some notable offerings include:

  • Eugine AI: An emissions analytics platform.
  • Asper AI: A platform designed to support commercial decision-making.
  • Flyfish: A recently launched generative AI tool specifically focused on the sales domain.

Fractal’s conversion to a public limited company signifies a significant step towards its potential IPO and the company’s future endeavours in the public domain.

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